Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A spoonful of sugar

Helps the medicine go down.

We have had a pretty busy schedule the last couple of months. Since January we have had a staff of six American teachers but we have been teaching the class load of seven teachers. That means no breaks and long hours.

Every staff meeting our boss baits us with "a new teacher will be here soon". We bought his ruse for the first two months but now we ask "how soon?" to which he responds "very soon." But we've learned to ask "have you bought a plane ticket yet?" To which he responds "No."

The bad news is that we may not get a new teacher until June. Nobody is able to come to Korea until after the American school year wraps up. In addition, Korea has gotten some negative press as of late.

Another of our current staff is leaving the second week of May so we might get to teach with a staff of only five! Lucky us!

To soften the blow of the extra work, they announced a pay increase. We are currently contracted for 1.9 million per month. We might get bumped to 2.0 or 2.1 million per month (average for this area) with an additional increase in overtime pay. We are excited about that...but...it won't take effect until June pay checks.

Good news yes, but only with the bad news.

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