Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Korean Driving

While I have never witnessed exceedingly poor driving skills here, Koreans do have some interesting habits when on the road. Some basic rules apply and if you can follow those rules you should be able to successfully navigate the roadways.

1. If it is bigger than you, it has the right of way. Buses will without care cut off cars and then lay on the horn if a car tries to cut them off. It is a battle of wills for the right of way between buses. It is almost like a game of chicken when they are competing for space on the road.

2. If you honk, then any potential accident is not your fault. Honking seems to pass all sense of responsibility and accountability to the honkee.

3. Driving off a wall is a potential hazard when navigating the roads. You've been warned.
4. Look in the permanently fixed mirror before speeding out of a parking garage or around a hairpin corner. They are there for a reason.
5. As a pedestrian...Obey the red man! Drivers regularly choose to ignore those red lights that in most countries mean 'stop'.

6. Color coding for street lights: Green means go. Yellow means go faster. Red, it's just a suggestion.

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