Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring at KC

Last Friday was a lot of fun. Each of the kids brought in a pot and a package of seeds and we went up to the roof to plant the seeds. Mrs. Lee bought 'potting soil' which was really just a bag full of sand.
There is no way that the seeds will ever grow but it was a fun morning. We talked about the different types of seeds and how to plant them.Because it was such a nice day, after lunch we got to take the kindergarten classes out for a walk. I was able to get them to sit still long enough to snap a quick class picture. Say 'kimchi'!


Liesl said...

I am kind of sad about the plants not (having the opportunity) growing. I notice your student with the MSU shirt on again - how cool is that!
I think that fact that these kids are always holding up a "peace" sign when they get their picture taken is hysterical!

WF said...

It isn't the peace sign. It is 'V' for victory. I asked one of my Korean friends to explain it but they couldn't. It is just something everbody does.