Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gobi Desert

The sky was a strange hue of yellow today. It looked like a terrible cloud of sulfur smog. People at church explained that it was the sand blowing off the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. It happens every spring apparently.
The airborne sand has been linked to all kinds of health problems and people everywhere were wearing face masks. The sands reportedly contain toxic metals that are absorbed into the body and then removed through your skin pores.

Anybody back home can probably look for some nice sunsets in about a week's time if the sands don't settle as they fly across the Pacific.

After church and cantata practice we went out for dak galbi (spicy chicken). It was good but not all dak galbi is created equal. I am quite partial to our dak galbi restaurant in Gimpo.

Update: Keep tabs on the yellow sand here. A special service from Uncle Sam in Yongsan.

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