Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Changes on Earth

In the greater sphere of things, scientists discovered a habitable planet a mere 20 light years away from Earth. Global warming, full steam ahead!!

Elsewhere on Earth....this week I lost a student and then gained a student in Earth class. Our classes are named after the planets of the solar system. So I'm not just bragging when I say my class is down to Earth.

Esther (the pretty dumb one)(no, not pretty dumb...just pretty and dumb) transferred to another academy to be with her sister and cousins. Let me introduce my new student Aroah. (What kind of name is that?) She spent some time in America so her English is fairly good. When I sneezed today, she said 'bless you'. It caught me off guard because I haven't taught that to the other kids yet.
Answer: Aroah is the musical pseudonym of one Irene Tremblay, a Spanish-American singer in her early twenties with a dusty velvet voice..... Now it begs the question, Why Aroah?

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