Friday, April 13, 2007


We left Gimpo right after evening adult class to catch a bus to Boseong for a tour. We rode the bus all night long and slept upright in the seats until 6am. Boseong is in the southwest province of the country.

Upon arrival we entered a jjimjilbang for my first experience at a Korean sauna.

The first thing I needed to do was to put aside any modesty. These places (unless family style) are attended in the buff with different floors for men and women. The building was brand new and the sauna immaculate. There were several large of saltwater, one of sulfur water, one of hot, one of cold.

The tubs are surrounded by shower facilities and afterwards you can use any of the complimentary grooming products including shaving products, combs, Q tips, and after shave. The products of course are shared and the combs have definitely been used before (what? sharing lice is in!)

The whole experience cost a mere 4,000W. The guys had it better off than the girls because it wasn't near as crowded. The girls came out complaining of having to bump into naked Koreans to make their way around.

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