Friday, May 04, 2007

Children's Day

Because receiving presents at Christmas, and at each of two birthday celebrations simply isn't enough. Children deserve more! More presents, more candy, and more recognition. Let's start a national Children's Day.This year Children's Day is on Saturday but because it is on a Saturday we had to do a special celebration in class on Friday. The teachers all bought pizza for the kids for lunch and then for a portion of the afternoon we played games with the kids. The afternoon classes got snack parties for the last twenty minutes of class. The school gave each of the kids a t-shirt and they even had an adult sized one for me. Our classrooms had to be specially decorated for the day. It turned into a three day holiday because Sunday service is a special kid celebration service where they read the scriptures and help with the praise songs.It is actually a good celebration because it turns into a family day for the whole country. We met a family on the subway who were heading to Yeouido Park for a picnic and then soccer. Many other families had similar plans. Many of the businesses closed for the day. They take recognition of their kids seriously!

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