Friday, May 11, 2007

Top Ten

You had to know it was bound to happen at some point. Yes, its the infamous Top Ten List. Here goes....

Top Ten Ways You Know You've Spent Too Much Time With Your Kindergarten Class:
#10. They cry to get your attention rather than scream, yell, punch or kick;
#9. You automatically take chocolate points away when they do any of the aforementioned attention getters;
#8. They call you 'dad' (yikes!);
#7. You can anticipate unruly behavior;
#6, You have them burn off extra energy by playing the 'jumping-jacks game';
#5. You lavishly praise even the slightest improvement in ability;
#4. You rue the gods for not letting them learn on the first explanation of a simple grammatical concept;
#3. You enthusiastically sing ridiculous songs like 'Oh Rainbow' to the tune of 'O Christmas Tree';
#2. You think pop-up books are the best thing ever invented (next to Crayola Crayons);

And the #1 Way You Know You've Spent Too Much Time With Your Kindergarten Class:

#1. When they tattle on each other, you don't punish them, you just correct their grammar ("Teacher, Evan, me hit"...."No, the correct way to say it is 'Evan hit me.'")

In other news...
She finally arrived. An actual person is here in the flesh. Not just the promise of a new teacher, but an actual person.

We went to dinner to celebrate and to welcome her. We had galbi (grilled meat) Ironically, she's a vegetarian. I guess our good intentions were foiled. I have never understood those people.

Teacher's Day which is next Tuesday started early for me. I received a his and hers spoon and chopstick set. Now I just need to find a 'hers'.

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