Friday, May 25, 2007

Kimchi - Why We Love This Stuff

So, the adventures from yesterday were so many that they had to be broken into two posts.

At the temple we were wandering around saying, "There is so much cool stuff to buy, I wish I had stopped at the ATM." Then we see it.
The pinnacle of the entrepreneurial spirit...the portable ATM machine. Wired into the Shinhan computer system, this ATM allowed us to step up onto the trailer and make our withdrawals. Thank goodness. I now had enough money to buy my Buddha's Birthday t-shirt.

After lunch we were close enough to the COEX mall that we decided to take a slight detour. On the second basement level of the mall, the Kimchi Field Museum is housed . By now you should all be familiar with this delightful food but if not, you can take the refresher course here, here, or here.
The museum was one of the most expensive I've been to at 3,000W and showed the evolution of kimchi. As it turns out, kimchi didn't progress to include peppers until well after Columbus's voyages to the Americas. Peppers are originally from the Americas. The museum showed the ingredients of various kimchi varieties and included a tasting room. The museum also chronicled the evolution of the kimchi pot from tree stump to clay to plastic. Cool!!After the kimchi museum we headed back to Insadong to visit the Jogyesa Temple. By the time we made it there is was raining heavily. The temple was packed and nothing had changed from Sunday so we left quickly. It was raining so hard shopping in Insadong wasn't even fun. I bought a nice wall hanging and then we headed home.

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