Sunday, May 20, 2007

Traditional Folk Village

Stupid Tourist Saturday!

We decided to go to Suwon to visit the traditional folk village. The commute was longer than expected because the bus we got on had changed its route since the last time I rode it. (The 9602 no longer goes from Gimpo to City Hall. It goes close but I suggest you get off at the palace and find a subway station.)
Then we had to catch a later train because the train...the cheap seats were all sold out. Finally, we boarded the shuttle bus from the Suwon train station to the folk village. By the time we got to the folk village, it was noon (we left Gimpo at 7:45am).

We had a very quick walk through the village and then caught a traditional wedding ceremony. The groom rode off on horseback with his wife in a bridal box.
We then watched the paper making process which they took a bamboo screen and then dipped it in water collecting the suspended paper fibers. The screen was pressed onto a mat. They continued this process, layer after layer until they had paper of the desired thickness. Check out the video.

We watched various artisans crafting spoons, weaving shoes, weaving silk, etc. We also saw a demonstration of some Korean equestrian skills. Check out the videos.
We even got to walk in the footsteps of the famous Korean actors of that oh so popular drama. You know the one I'm talking about.We left just as a troop of boy scouts and girl scouts showed up.

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