Saturday, May 19, 2007

Field Trip

How much more literal can you get than - field trip? Our school administration wanted to take the kids to a field to play games. Friday morning we loaded up all of the kindergartners and went to a really nice city park about 5 minutes away. It had rained on Thursday and the grass on the field had just recently been planted so we couldn't let the kids play in the mud. Plan B.We took pictures by the fountain then let them play on the jungle gym, slides and swings.The kids were having a great time but one of the supervising Korean teachers was getting bored so we had to start playing structured games. We did tug-o-war, egg and spoon races and three-legged races. My class was paired against some slightly younger students and so we won every round. It usually consisted of a bigger kid dragging their smaller counterpart across the finish line in the three-legged race. We had a picnic and then headed back to the school to beat the rain clouds moving in.


Liesl said...

How come you didn't wear your yellow pants?

WF said...

They just didn't come in my size. I have petitioned for a full jumper in adult size.