Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Trying my hand at Korean excercises

Many of the trail systems around the Seoul area provide complementary exercise equipment. There are gyms that you could go to to workout in but they are not popular. Most people exercise at these trail side parks.
There is everything from inclined benches from sit ups to parallel bars. Most of the equipment is completely resistance free which is great for joint movement and flexibility but does absolutely nothing for toning muscle or building muscle mass. It is almost humorous watching Koreans use the equipment because they take it so seriously.
The machine in the foreground I have no idea how to use properly. I think it is for back massages but I don't know for sure. Beyond that is the one resistance machine they had for upright bench press movements.

Most of the joint movement and flexibility equipment was awkward to use. Because of the complete lack of resistance I actually got a little seasick when I was standing on them.

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