Monday, May 07, 2007


I finally had time today to go to the bank and wire money back to the States. It is a little unnerving to send a couple thousand dollars electronically. Some of my co-workers have had problems where their money didn't show up in the account for three weeks. I don't like to think of my money bouncing around cyberspace and potentially getting lost.

It was a relatively simple process though it did take a fair bit of time. The fee was only 28,000W which I was happy to pay because I had been quoted $40 as a minimum transaction fee. Provided there is no trouble with the transaction (i.e. the money shows up in my account tomorrow), I'll wire more later. I needed my passport, account numbers and routing numbers. Fortunately, one of the tellers at the bank speaks English so I could deal plainly and be confident in the service I was receiving.

My comedy for the day came in adult conversation class. We were discussing the phrase 'to be frightened by'. One of my students asked if it was correct to say "I am frightened by my girlfriend's small talk." I assured him that that is very frightening.

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