Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Parent's Day

Parents got shafted today.

Children's Day is a national holiday with businesses closed, presents bought, and special activities planned. Today parents got a slight nod. It is not an officially recognized Korean holiday but it is a special day and parents still had to work. Teachers didn't fair much better as we had to help make the cards that the kids would take home. (Mark your calendars...May 15 is Teacher's Day.)

There is some significance to carnations on Parent's Day. There were a lot of flower vendors out on the street trying to pedal carnation plants to kids for their milk money. The cards we made for the kids' parents all had origami carnations on them. Anybody want to clue me in on this one?

After class, our boss took us out for dinner as a farewell meal for the co-worker who is boarding a plane tomorrow. Bon Voyage!

P.S. Happy Parent's Day, Mom and Dad. Sorry I didn't get you carnations but I actually didn't find out about the holiday until Monday night when we had to stay after work to learn to fold the origami carnations for the kids. Much love!

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