Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hitched at Costco

Yep, Costco in Korea. I never had a membership back in the States. Didn't see the need of buying 48 rolls of toilet paper when there was just me. The appeal here is that Costco carries a number of American brands.

I signed up for a membership for 35,000W. On the membership form they had a spot for a spouses information which would also provide a second card. I offered the position of my wife to all that were present (proposal). Only CW took me up on the offer (acceptance). We each got a membership card with our pictures on them (ring and nuptials). Finally, we were free to roam the store and buy products we recognized (reception). We filled our baskets with as much as we thought we could carry home and then checked out (honeymoon).
I can't wait to use my Korean Costco membership card back in the States. Hopefully the Mrs. will be able to use hers too back in Ohio.

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