Friday, December 22, 2006

Guess Who Came To Town!!

Oh, you'd better watch out,
you'd better not cry,
you'd better not pout,
I'm telling you why....
Can you guess who the man in the Santa costume is?

It was a very impromptu impersonation. We knew we were supposed to have a Christmas party with the kids. We knew that Santa would be coming to deliver presents. However, ten minutes before Santa was supposed to arrive, my supervisor calls me out into the hall to talk. Five minutes later I was a cotton stuffed, belly jiggling, ho ho hoing, red suit wearing, rendition of a beloved childhood idol.
Some of the students were on to the gig. My students asked why I had the same shirt as Santa (when my suit popped open because of the cotton). They also thought I had the same voice as Santa. I played it off cooly leaving at least a shadow of a doubt in their minds.
"Santa gave me this shirt last Christmas and he must have liked it so much he had the elves make one for him too."
The best part of the whole experience was that the head boss of the office, didn't recognize me. He came up to me and introduced himself. It thought he was joking or just playing along. So I said,
"Hi, Chris. My name is Santa Clause. Have you been a good little boy this year?"
If the disguise will fool a man of 29, it should be good enough to fool a kindergartner. Those darn kindergartners are smart though. After I had left, they whispered to their teachers....
"I don't think he's the real Santa. He has brown hair under his hat."
I handed out the presents, wished them a Merry Christmas and then headed for the roof to catch my sleigh and reindeer.

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