Monday, January 08, 2007

Peeing on the Fence Post

I had a weird moment of territorialism today.

We went to lunch at a restaurant we frequent located right across the street - Kimbap Cheonguk. The owner is my roommate's girlfriend. Needless to say that because of our connections, the proximity to work, and the number of times we eat there we usually get VIP treatment.

So, imagine my surprise when another American walked in. There aren't that many Americans in Gimpo so why would one wander into our kimbap place? I felt the distinct need to somehow mark our territory.

She was probably Canadian though. We found out that one of the competing English academies is called Little America. We met some of the people who work there and they said that all but one of the employees were Canadian. How do you like that? Canadians working in Little America!

FYI: Kimbap is rice and other ingredients rolled in a leaf of dried seaweed. It is the traditional Korean 'fast food'. Kimbap Cheonguk means 'kimbap heaven'.


Becky said...

What the heck is the red/orange sea urchin thing by the "sushi" looking thing?

WF said...

It's kimchi!! Every meal is served with, garnished with, and eaten with kimchi. My favorite is sweet kimchi. It is still very spicy but has a nice banlance of sweetness. Some of the galbi restaurants serve it.

WF said...

It happened again today. Another American in our kimbap place. What is going on?!?