Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good Deeds

Several of the previous tenants of the apartment have left a lot of clothing, broken electronics, and other miscellaneous items that will not be taken away by the city solid waste collection.

At Youngnak, on the fourth Sunday of every month, they collect clothes and then give them away or sell them to turn a minuscule profit. My roommate and I hassled with four large bags of used clothes to donate. I did my good deed for the month. Hopefully some needy child or homeless person will be able to use the clothes.

I joined the choir at church. It went well despite the excessively long rehearsal. Watch the video here. (Yes, I am the overly tall white guy in the back row.)

Because of my good deed, I decided it was necessary to reward myself. So, after church we went to Yongsan and I bought several DVDs and a DVD player for my room. Now, I don't have to leave the comfort of my bed to watch movies. Yea!

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