Saturday, January 13, 2007

English Village

We took nearly 60 students on a field trip today to an English Village.
The idea is to learn English and practice English in an immersion environment. Buildings, street signs, restaurants, books, etc. are all in English. The staff puts on daily programs that help teach and reinforce basic English language skills.

Some of the programs we very laughable and I am proud to say it was almost boring for our students because their English skills are so advanced. It was a good experience and we had fun.
Some of the students were put in jail until they could answer a question correctly in English. They had fun with that.
On the bus ride home, I saw two deer! My first Korean wildlife (other than birds)! The deer were Water Deer and a little research show that there are at least three different types of deer in Korea. Musk deer, Water deer, and Sika deer. They were very small and cute. Couldn't have been more than 60 pounds. They were just walking along the banks of the river.
I am going to keep a sharp eye out for the Musk deer. They look dangerous. Take a look at those canines!

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