Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cancel Atkins

Throw away your Slim-fast shakes. Burn your Atkins cookbooks. Forget about WeightWatchers. South Beach what?

I have discovered the new fad diet. Two months in Korea with a traditional diet will shed the pounds. With all of the Korean BBQs there are very few vegetables served and no carbs. Then, despite being starchy, rice is a great filler and doesn't add a lot of total calories to the diet.

Figure in the fact that I walk most every place I go. And there are always stairs!

It is also very hard to over eat with chopsticks. The added skill involved slows down eating so you quit eating when you are satisfied and not after you are full.

I don't have a scale and so I have no idea of the actual statistical significance of my claims but I definitely have less to grab in the love handle region. Pants that were tight when I first got here seem to be falling off.

The proof of the pudding is that today I went down a belt notch!

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