Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This and That

I had a lot on my mind today so I decided not to theme my post.

First off, we have a three day weekend coming up in February so we are trying to make plans to fly to Jeju-Do island. Some hiking, some caving, some R&R...just what the doctor ordered. It is only Jan. 9 and I am already wishing it was February. Many of my co-workers have fewer classes this month by my schedule seems to have doubled. Plus, they are giving me the new adult class MWF from 7:30 to 9pm. Bookoo overtime pay!

Another of my new classes is a high school class who have studied English for as many as 10 years but never from a native speaker. Their English is pretty poor for as long as they have been taking classes. But it is a gaggle of girls who are twitterpaited with me so they'll learn anything I ask of them. Classes of only girls always spawn interesting conversations. I spent the first three quarters of class asking them questions and then for the last ten minutes I let them ask me questions. What is the number one question Korean high school girls are dying to know? "What do American guys look for in women?"

This perpetuated the conversation I've been having with others in the office about wanting what you don't have. For example, Koreans idolize having a narrow face because most Koreans have wide set cheekbones. It is the age old 'the one with curls wants straight hair and the one with straight hair wants curls'. It is amazing how we see beauty in what is exotic to our eyes and miss the beauty of what God has given us. Any philosophy majors want to give a shot at answering that question.

The only good thing about it, is that that attitude provokes change. You can be motivated to start working out, learn more, or begin other courses of self improvement. However, when the 'improvement' involves doctors of the plastic surgery variety, a line needs to be drawn.

Some Koreans put themselves under the knife for this and worse yet is they put their kids under the knife for cosmetic eye surgery. They all want 'Western' eyes that are wider and have a double eyelid. This costs as little/much as 1,000,000 Won (approx. $1,000 U.S.). Follow the link to see more before and after shots.

Enough of my ramblings. To close: I always love to hear from readers of my blog. Please leave comments by clicking on the comment link at the bottom of each post. OR just shoot me an email. I am really bad at initiating emails but I am excellent at responding to them. Until then, Adieu.

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