Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My New Obsession

I have been missing American TV. I wasn't an addict or anything but I did have my favorite shows. My couch potato hours were immediately replaced by hours in front of the computer because of the lack of American sitcoms on Korean TV. (Note to self...really should get a more comfortable chair for the computer desk.)

I love watching the Amazing Race. I really got into Heroes before I left the States. I haven't seen an episode of the Simpsons or Monk in months!

Korean cable offers a wide array of choices. There is always at least one movie on in English. There are Korean talk shows, comedy sketches, and drama series. National Geographic and Discovery air shows but they are all dubbed over in Korean. There is always a football (soccer) game on with Korean players or any number of European league games. Always with Korean commentating though. For English speakers there is relatively a small selection. (However, it is a huge selection if you consider the Korean programming offered in the States.)

A friend directed me to InBlinks and PeekVid. These might be the salvation I was looking for. American television programming free to watch with all of the latest episodes just a click away! Amazing.


Jenni said...

I just read most of your blogs today and they are a hoot to read. I have been browsing blogs about Korea as I am on my way as of Feb 23 from Canada. I am wondering if you might have some quick advise for a new comer?

WF said...

I am sure you'll enjoy your experience. Just keep an open mind and understand that Koreans have a different mind set on education than Westerners. I'll give you the same advise I got. Pack a years supply of deodorant, a set of sheets, and Crayola crayons. Of course they have crayons here but not Crayola. Deodorant is incredibly hard to find and very expensive. Sheets are custom order here. I am assuming that you will teach. Double check that your school hasn't been black listed and make sure you have all the details of your living and working situation. I would also try to talk to another American/Canadian from your school who could give you an accurate assesment of what to expect at your particular school. Other than that, enjoy!