Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our President hard at work.

I receive daily news alerts on selected world politics now which made this YouTube discovery that much better.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Will, okay so I have been meaning to check out the blog for, well since you announced the then pending there is an hour+ spent that I won't get back...but it was well worth it. Quite the facinating read, pretty sweet. Hey we did get your Christmas card, apparently the Korean postal service is a little more effecient the USPS, it arrived before Christmas. Way to go indoctoring(sp) some into the holiday classic movies...found something on Christmas Vac. I had never seen before...I am chuckling about it now! Okay, on a business note, camp counselor apps are out (which I think I sent to you as well???)but what the heck is up with Amanda's email...Pretty amazing, what your doing, a bit envious for some of us I suspect. Enjoy! Will be back for more updates - Matt