Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dak Galbi

As of late I have been relatively silent on the topic of food. So here is my indulgence. A chance to share with you the deliciousness of dak galbi.

Dak Galbi is simply a spicy stirred-fired chicken dish. Every galbi restaurant has a different take on this but my personal favorite is served with thick rice noodles.

At every galbi restaurant, the raw or partially cooked meal is brought to the table on which there is a burner. One then stirs the meal while it is cooking to prevent burning. (Koreans have a huge fear of eating burnt meat citing the belief that it will cause cancer.)

Upon completion of the cooking stage you can take the meat and other ingredients and eat them straight or wrap them in lettuce or sesame leaves that are provided. No matter how big the leaf is, be sure stick the whole thing in your mouth.

Galbi restaurants can be one of two varieties - long family-style tables or small round tables. At either, you may have to check your shoes at the front door and sit on the floor to eat.
It is a spicy meal but a good one. Order it on your next visit to a Korean galbi restaurant.

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