Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Winds of change are blowing. After growing up in Montana, I never thought that I would be appreciative of the wind. But, the winds started blowing yesterday! The air in the city had been so stagnant that is was nice and refreshing to have a nice breeze. It is a cold wind but a welcome one.

With the winds come change. Winter school is over! We are back to our normal teaching schedule. All we have to do now is prepare for the new school year (starting in March). The added stress of the winter school schedule seems to have lifted.

Throughout the world winds have always held significance. Mary Poppins always floated in on a new wind. The Santa Anas or Red Winds carry powerful superstition with which anything can happen. El Nino winds have been blamed for any number of weather anomalies. Trade winds blew early explorers around the globe in search of riches. Yahweh, the name of God has been translated to breath of God and in Hebrew was even used as a substitute for the word wind. Feel comfort that when wind blows, God is with you.

For good or bad, winds bring change.


becky said...

Hey BJ,
Have you introduced the Koreans to John Wayne yet?
Just wondering....pilgrim,

Anonymous said...

If wind is the indication, I can tell you, God is VERY present in southwest Montana today.


Anonymous said...

Hey BJ,

I don't care if you have to work every day until you come back, you're just going to have to make time for me!

Also: Book 7 will be available July 21. I got an email from Barnes & Noble asking if I would like to reserve copies! Shall I pick one up for you, too? email me-



Breezes are lovely, WIND that tries to rip ones eye lashes out are NOT godly!
Trust me on this one..........