Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Broadway it ain't.

The culmination of the school year is a showcase of the kindergarten student's English abilities. We do this through a class play.

My students started working on the play I wrote back in December. I wrote it for the five students I had. Then I gained a student. Then another. So then I had to make a five person play work for seven. Okay done.

No! Wait! One of the new students was only temporary. So, I need to practice with her throughout January but she won't actually preform. Okay let's write in a narration part for the sixth/seventh student.

I found the Brothers Grimm story of The Seven Ravens and I wrote a play adapted to my students. We rehearsed, made costumes, sang songs. Despite them running off stage halfway through the performance and trying to take off their costumes when they weren't supposed to, the play went pretty well.

I think they look good in their raven costumes. I don't know why they were in such a hurry to get them off.

The parents and school administration has very high expectations for these plays. I have repeatedly wanted to say "Don't you realize that they are only in kindergarten?! We can't expect Nathan Lane and Liza Menelli!"

The parents seemed to have enjoyed it and based on the fact that the administration didn't say it was bad...Score one for me. My employers, however well meaning, will always point out faults and never acknowledge good deeds. I am not sure if this is a traditional underlying style of Korean management.

The parting shot was that two of my students gave me roses (from their parents). Now there was a taste of Broadway!


becky said...

So cute!

WF said...

I know!