Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

It is quite typical for students here to give presents to teachers here. Sometimes they might be munching on the Korean equivalent of goldfish crackers and run up to you and say "Teacher. You, me, this give."

Depending on their level of English study that simple, grammatically incorrect sentence could be a huge break through or a moment of utter frustration.

Either way you gratefully accept the gift. Anything that is unwrapped I usually find a way to discreetly throw away. (Who knows where there hands have been.) Anything that is wrapped, I say woohoo!

This being Valentine's Day I was given a mountain of chocolates from my students. Pro: The more students you have, the more chocolate you get. Con: There is only so much chocolate one person can eat.

Just take a look at this booty! And this is after I gorged myself all day on chocolates.

I also learned that in Korea, on Valentine's Day the girl gives chocolates to the boy. A month later on White Day, the boy gives candy to the girl. A month after that on Black Day, single schmucks eat black Chinese noodles. Injustice!!

Side note: I had one of the best adult classes ever today because I learned that Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream has made it to Korea. I will definitely have to make a venture to Mokdong or Sincheon in the very near future.

Side note #2: I am really glad to see The Clintons making music videos. I really like their music. I hope they don't get sucked into the country genre though.


Anonymous said...

I Love Chocolate! Yumm! But be careful, you must brush your teeth after every bite! Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo for Coldstone!