Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Doldrum Day

The day started out pretty boring. The kindergarten was practicing for graduation, the afternoon classes were all taking placement tests. I didn't officially teach anything all day. I was to the point of wondering what I might blog about.

Three o'clock changed all of that. Excitement! There was a frantic message in Korean over the schools' intercom. I was with my afternoon kindergarten class who don't know what's going on most of the time. Apparently the announcement said something about evacuating the building. 'Evacuate the building' isn't in my Korean vocabulary yet so I was as clueless as my kids.

I leave my classroom to find everyone running around screaming instructions to each other. I open up the door to the stair well to be confronted by a firefighter fully suited up with a oxygen tank, face mask and full turnouts.

This was not a drill! I race back to my classroom to shepherd all of my kids out of the building. We made it down to the street and watched the mayhem of three fire trucks and a crew of firefighters.

Apparently, there was a small fire on the roof of the building. Someone had easily put it out with fire extinguishers but the fire department was called to be safe. The kids loaded their bus and went home having had just a little excitement for the day.

I had left my camera in the office but managed to snap a picture from the school window after they let us back up.

I am going to request that the school develop a fire plan (they don't have one yet!).

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Sorry I missed you- yes, I work after class, so I'm not home until 6 or so. I will be around this weekend, though.

I tried to email you, but it came back to me.. have you changed it?