Thursday, February 15, 2007

In Search of Black Tea

I am a tea drinker. I haven't worked my way up to tea connoisseur but I'm trying. I really like black teas and red teas but I also get distracted easily.

On my last shopping trip to HomePlus I had written on my list 'black tea'. I have given up on Earl Grey but I know they do have some sort of Lipton variety original black tea. I got to the tea section of the isle and was immediately dazzled by all of the different types of teas.

Most I couldn't read but two that caught my attention were Rosemary tea and Red tea. The Rosemary actually has rosemary leaves in it. It tastes and smells like rosemary. The Red tea uses rooibus leaves from Africa and has a distinct flavor and smell.

I walked out of the store without black tea but instead with two boxes of red tea and a box of rosemary.

I have a couple of really good teas from Christmas: elderberry, chokecherry and raspberry. At lunch the other day I tried some chrysanthemum tea. Smelled a little like flowers.

Maybe I'll just start drinking more coffee.

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