Friday, February 23, 2007


Today was graduation for our kindergarten classes. We held the ceremony in an auditorium in downtown Kimpo. The stage was lavishly decorated with balloons and banners.

The program started out with the kids walking in to Pomp and Circumstance. They looked really cute in their miniature caps and gowns.

Each class had representatives that gave speeches in English and Korean and there was a lot of other pomp and a couple of circumstances. We finished the ceremony with three songs sung by the kids in English as a showcase for all that they have learned. It didn't matter much because the sound tech cranked up the background music so much you couldn't hear the kids.

The thriving entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Korea, as evidenced by the flower vendor who set up shop on the steps of the auditorium just before and just after the ceremony. I really wonder if someone clued him in to the event or if he just lucked out and stumbled upon an important celebration that involved rich parents. He sold out of his pre-made bouquets by the time everyone left the ceremony.

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