Monday, February 12, 2007

MTVs Real World

Sign me up for Real World Korea. I've decided that living and working here is like episodes of the popular MTV show. We work together, live together and party together.


7 Real Worlders........7 American Teachers
All living together.....Mostly living together
All working together.....Check
All put through sometimes ridiculous ordeals.....Check

Last week we just had a new roommate move in. She cooks, cleans, does the dishes. She even mopped the floor!

She might be the perfect roommate accept for one thing. Her boyfriend. He is quite good at making himself annoying. Sometimes he'll come over when she isn't here. (Who does that?) Sometimes he'll practice his trumpet when he has a perfectly good apartment of his own. (Who does that?!?) Sometimes he'll carry on loud conversations with himself. (Who does that??!!!??)

On top of it all he eats our food, ties up the washing machine (because she does his laundry), and sets up office in the middle of our living room.

He happens to be a Montanan and went to school at MSU. As much as I love my home state and Alma madre neither distinction could ensure this guy would have good social skills. Maybe I'm being Punked! Where's Ashton?


Meg said...

that would be great if you were getting punk'd.

i'd laugh.

Anonymous said...


As much as I hate to be a story-topper, I think it's important to point out that when I was living with Sharla, her boyfriend Tyler did the phase-in.

Did you ever meet him?? And he may not have had a trumpet, but he had four (yes, that's 1-2-3-4) ferrets. Try annoyance coupled with stinky pets.

Call me this weekend- I have two tests and will be staying in. Miss you! -marie

mark said...

At least you got a good blog post out of him... so he's kind of useful. :)

becky said...

sounds like a good opportunity to try the "icy-hot on the toilet seat" tactic. A personal favorite of mine....I also suggest you kick your friend in the rear for doing her boyfriend's laundary. What kind of lazy bum can't do his own laundary?!


Hey....there are more of you than of him.....escort him (gently) to the door, with everything he is cluttering up your apt. with! Tell girl to go with him, and you ALL do your OWN housework! Don't you all know that women LOVE men who do house chores?????