Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cute Koreans

My last day with my kindergarten class. We didn't even get to have a party or anything.

Instead they will all be starting the elementary school English classes so I had to give them placement tests. We played the 'test game'. See how many answers you can get right.

As for my class, I will be saying goodbye to Brooke,




Michael and


Good luck in elementary school!


becky said...

They are so cute! Just out of curiosity, why do they all have such "American" names? Are those their real names or just one's they go by at school?

Bonita said...

Just passing by, and I noticed how much I liked your photos. Have a great day teaching in Korea.

WF said...

Those are their English names. All students are 'named' on their first day of school. They all have Korean names as well but darned if I know what they are. Many parents give their kids Korean names and English names at birth knowing they'll probably use both.

Dewfull said...

I had fun reading your story.
But I want to comment on one thing.
I don't think Korean parents give their children both Korean and English name at birth.
When their children start to learn English at "Hagwons", somehow some people force them to give their children English names. They says it's part of learning English. So, many Korean parents squeeze their brains to make good names. (Since most parents don't now much about naming in English, it's such a pain.)
I assum that having English names started because of some teachers who had problem in pronouncing and remembering the names of their students. When I took some English classes long ago, I was also asked to have an English name; however, I said no and people seemed to think that I was a little weird since nobody said no.