Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Riverfront Axe Purchase

I must have had that "I'm a lost tourist" look on my face because three different kindly Koreans stopped to ask me if I needed help.

I was just staring up at the subway map trying to get my bearings and a Korean who spoke excellent English approached my and asked if he could help. At another subway exit, I was walking in circles looking for the bathroom and another individual approached me.

When I finally made it above ground the barrage didn't end. I had made my way down to the newly restored riverfront and shopping district. This is quite a beautiful area and rather than a big long canal through the city, they've landscaped it to create a nice walking path area.

The stores above the river carry anything you could possibly need from books and baseball caps to hardware and lighting fixtures. I stumbled onto one particular store that was a costume shop. My lucky day!

At school, we are doing plays with our kindergarten classes. I had been looking for a toy axe as a prop for my play. Sitting right in the front door of the costume shop....a bucket of plastic axes. I scooped one up laid down my payment and headed on my way. But not before being asked again if they could help the lost American.


Anonymous said...

What is a lightning fixture?

Anonymous said...

OOPS!! so i can't read, it was a lighting fixture! Sorry!!:)