Thursday, February 01, 2007

Do the Shuffle

So the Internet in the apartment had been down for a couple of days. I assumed my roommate forgot to pay the bill (again). So we called the company and a punctual service man showed up 15 minutes before the predetermined time. He was here for a grand total of 5 minutes. Apparently, our router box for the wireless connection had gotten bumped, unplugged and refused to work without any electricity. We felt like classic fools. But had a good laugh about it.

Other than Internet problems, I've been pondering the need for posturepedic shoes for Koreans. They must have incredibly strong legs, especially the women.

When a Korean walks, they don't really walk. They kind of shuffle. They dragged their heels along the ground. This is particularly true when they wear slippers in a temple or around the home.

Some of them can do the shuffle quite quickly. I tried it the other day and was surprised at the strength of leg needed to preform the shuffle. My wonderment grows everyday.

The shuffle topic has made me feel like Mike Meyers on the SNL Coffee Talk skit. I'll give you a topic....Talk amongst yourselves. "Peanuts. Neither peas nor nuts. Discuss."

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