Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Service...it's a great thing.

So, a couple nights ago we had stopped into my favorite local ice cream place for some 31 flavors. We each got our ice cream and everything was going great until we tried to leave. The proprietor who spoke a little English started to yell at us that we didn't pay. We did a quick survey of the group and yep, everyone paid. She was convinced that someone hadn't.

Through a lot of arm waving, gesturing and grunts, we explained that we had each paid and the individual concerned had actually paid one of the other girls working and not the cashier attendant.

The proprietor admitted her mistake and let us leave without further incidence. Tonight I stopped in for another guilty pleasure and the proprietor recognized me immediately. She flashed a sheepish grim and we each had a knowing laugh. I ordered my flavor and before I left this time she said 'service' and put an extra ice cream sandwich in my bag.

'Service' is what they call any free item. I would be more accustomed to 'its on the house' or 'its on me' but the meaning is the same. Americans are given sooo much free stuff here. Usually just because we're American.

My roommate received a pair of free gloves from a man on the subway when he noticed she didn't have any. A co-worker was given an umbrella during a downpour to make sure her hair wouldn't get wet. Another co-worker bought a cake from the downstairs bakery and was given a couple of other items 'service'.

It would seem that being different attracts the 'service' items more. Thank goodness for my pale skin.

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