Sunday, February 11, 2007

Inner Seoraskan

Stupid Tourist Saturday AND Sunday cont....

We made our way by bus to our hotel in Inner Seoraskan. Our hotel had its own hot springs which we could use. It was a good thing because no hot water got to the shower on my end of the building.

This is my bed. A one inch pad on the floor. I think this might even be luxurious compared to some Korean hotels.

Day two: We started our hike at the Osaka mineral water spring. We each filled up a bottle. It tasted like water that had a penny left in it over night. It wasn't bad and I got used to it after the first couple of drinks. It is supposed to be very healthy.

We followed a washed out river bed up the mountain and passed another Buddhist temple.

The river flooded last year with enough force to rip out the existing trail and walkways, and pulverized the metal.

Construction crews were working to clear a good channel for the river and to re install the trail.

At the end of the trail we hung out at a waterfall. On the way back to Seoul, we stopped at rest area at the top of the mountain. It was really pretty.

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