Friday, December 08, 2006

Adventures in Post Officing

Well, I am proud of myself. Throughout the past week I have written and mailed nearly 50 Christmas cards. It was surprisingly cheap to send the cards to the States.

I came to Korea realizing that I needed to get going with Christmas stuff almost as soon as my plane touched down. I immediately started to scour the greater Gimpo area for a store that sold Christmas cards...but to no avail. I ended up having my students make me some cards. (Great arts and crafts project with real world application.)

I walked into the Gimpo post office and was immediately greeted by a large display advertising the fact that I could purchase my Christmas cards there. (Note to self). The post office is open from 9am to 5pm but like many other businesses here, it runs on Korean time. Just because they say they'll open at 9am doesn't mean they will. I recommend arriving between 9:15 and 9:20. You'll still be the first customer of the day.

Despite the indefinite hours, once open it runs with amazing efficiency. You take a number and cue up for the next available teller. One employee monitors the lobby and helps box up packages and helps prep you for the next teller. I've never spent enough time in there to get comfortable before they take my letters from me and whisk me on my way.

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