Monday, December 11, 2006

Sasquatch Teaches

My kindergartners are fascinated by the bracelets I wear.
LiveStrong, WWJD, FFA-Forever Blue.
They'll take hold of my hand and then they'll start examining my bracelet(s).
I'll get distracted and turn my attentions elsewhere. Pretty soon though I'll feel them start petting my hands.
Now, I never thought that my hands were overly hairy and I am definitely no Sasquatch. But Koreans are naturally hairless or at very least have minimal hair. The amount of hair I have on my hands and arms is of great amusement to them.
Then to make matters worse, one of my older students became fascinated by the peach fuzz on my ears and the growth of my facial hair. Amazing the distractions that can ruin an otherwise productive class period!

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