Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tuesday, November 21

Students can't get over the fact that there is a new teacher. They come by the door of the teachers room every morning just to stare at me. I say hi and then they giggle and run away.

My classroom is small and in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint but for the most part they are decent facilities.

It was the Vice Principal's birthday today and he ordered in pizza for everyone. That was nice of him...And to think, in America we give presents to the one who is aging. It was reminiscent of Hobbit birthdays. They serve pizza with sweet potatoes as an acceptable. Unconventional, yes. But delicious! All pizza's also come with a side of pickles. Must make sure that palette is clean.

After work we took a cab to HomePlus. The Korean mega store. It is actually bigger than Walmart. They have items spread out on three floors. Imagine if Walmart kept its floor space and then expanded to multiple levels!?! They thought of everything as the gently sloping moving walkway took you and your shopping cart from the first floor up to the second or down to the basement.

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