Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Korean Sat Next to Me

We went to see 'The Holiday' last night. We didn't get off work until 7:30pm so had to go to the 10pm showing. We bought our tickets early and then went to Red Mango for the "yummiest frozen yogurt in the world." It doesn't roll of the tongue as well as "the country's best yogurt", but it is still pretty tasty.

The theaters are housed in seven story buildings just like every other business in the downtown area. This one theater has seven different screens in two buildings that are across the street from each other. We neglected to ask which building we were in but fortunately, the ticket lady recognized us from a half block away and waved us to the opposite building.

Korean movie theaters have assigned seating. This is an interesting concept that I don't think would work in the states. Being a Wednesday night, the place was practically empty. We decided to forgo the assigned seating because there were only six other people in the theater (and because we couldn't read the tickets - they were in Korean). We sat down and waited for the previews. A Korean couple came in the theater and sat right next to us. There were a hundred other seats available! Apparently, their assigned seats were right next to the spot we had randomly chosen to sit. We tactfully moved down a couple of seats to enjoy the movie.

It was a good movie. It showed England during the Christmas season. England at Christmas would be my ideal. I don't know why it is so appealing to me but I've always wanted to live in England just so I could spend Christmas there one year. Maybe someday in the future.

I also really liked the idea of a house exchange for a holiday. Anybody interested in one of the bedrooms in a Korean apartment located just outside of Seoul? I'd be happy to swap for a week. Let me know.

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