Monday, December 18, 2006

Not That I'm Worried...

I have a huge amount of faith in the peace talk process. That said, does it bode well that N. Korea has 'defiantly declared' itself a nuclear power on day one of the full international arms talks?

North Korea or the 'Democratic People's Republic of Korea', wants the U.N. sanctions lifted before it considers disarmorment. The United States, South Korea, Russia, China and Japan have been meeting in Bejing this week in hopes of a resolution to nuclear tests in N. Korea on Oct. 9. N. Korea is demanding the lift of financial restrictions and the allowance of a nuclear reactor that would alliviate energy demands in the country.

All of this would put the communist country on 'equal footing' with other nuclear powers. The talks were suspended 13 months ago when no progress had been made. The tests in October put a fresh and disturbing spin on the already tense situation.

Until South Koreans become worried about the situation, I have every confidence in proceeding with life day by day with only the cares of the job weighing me down. But, let's all pray for a peaceful resolution. Pray for all those involved in the talks.

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