Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All I want is Earl Grey!

I am finally caught up with my postings so I can now post daily about this that actually happen on that day.

I might have classified myself as a tea drinker though on any given day I would jump back and forth between tea and coffee. I definitely don't like routine with my hot beverages. However, I am not sure I'm a fan of the green tea and brown rice that is so abundant here.

It seems that Koreans are willing to sacrifice taste on a simple commodity. The coffee too seems to promote minimalism. It is sold in individual straws that are pre-measured with creamer and sweetner as well. I can't make it through the mornings without some fix of caffine but I could really go for a good cup of Earl Grey.

My reading has been all but nonexistant since I got here. I am able to read on the subway rides into Seoul because it is a nearly 45 minute ride. I selected a strangely appropriate book in Bill Bryson's 'The Mother Tounge'. It is all about how the English language developed to it's modern form and how it became the world's language. For you lovers of the English language, this is a fascinating read.


becky said...

I'll drink some Earl Grey for you!

WF said...

Thanks. I'd appreciate that.