Monday, December 04, 2006

Friday, December 1

The viruses of a new country, new students, and a new culture have caught up with me. Thank goodness for Nyquil!!!
I was broken into the routine at the school very quickly and have already made my own curriculum book for the month of December, written lesson plans and started to become accustomed to a routine teaching schedule. The school was orginally founded by with underlying Christian values which have to some extent been maintained. Consequently, we can actually say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays, tell the history of Christmas and even include the Christmas story. I can't say my hopes of kindergarteners grasping the concepts are high but at least they haven't placed those kinds of boundaries on us from a teaching perspective.

In other update news...I previously mentioned my spacious apartment. I'll share some pictures though I'm not sure the scale translates. It really is quite large.
We went out for pizza at Mr. Pizza. The girls at work talked me into going. It was only later that I learned it was pizza marketed for women. The delusions of the fairer sex! It is pizza made with slightly less oil. But, the health benefits are completely counteracted by eating the entire pizza dipped in blue cheese sauce and served with extra garlic bread ;-). But who am I to say anything! We then went to see 'The Departed'. It was good and very reminiscent of 'The Boondock Saints.' Very violent, very graphic, and language not for virgin ears.

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