Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sunday, December 3

The elusive Seoul Tower...

I woke up early this morning and made my way into Seoul with the hopes of hiking up to Seoul Tower and having a nice view of the city because is was actually a clear day. First was distracted by the Christmas tree at City Hall and the parliament building.

Because I went to look at the tree, I was waylayed by the Deok Su Gung Palace. When I asked the lady at the information office how to get to Seoul Tower, she said you can't get their from here. Did she go to school in Maine??? She finally drew me a map and then told me about the many thousands of stairs that I needed to locate to hike to the tower.

After wandering through the back streets of Seoul, I found a set of such stairs. Not the right set of stairs. One of many 'fake' sets of stairs that only took me half way up the mountain. I walked around the mountain for an hour before deciding I needed to get back to the city before church started.

Note to self...Google Earth everything before you set out on an adventure.

I did get one nice view of the city.

On my way back to the city I found the Korean House (a traditional village) and walked in on the tail end of a concert of traditional instruments. I snapped this picture as the performers were scurrying away.
I made it to church on time and then home to set up our Christmas tree. It is a little pathetic compared to the one I know is being set up at home. It is the love and the spirit of the season that counts.

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