Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to All

I went to the Christmas Eve service at Youngnak Church in Seoul. Our 20s group had prepared some carols for part of the service. The youth group, Sunday school and choir also performed but we were by far the most fun. We sang Silent Night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells, Jesus Christ is Coming Today (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) and a rousing version of Feliz Navidad.
The Christmas Eve party was hosted in Seoul and we had a huge group attend. The highlight of the night was the photo scavenger hunt. We broke up into teams and had to complete a variety of tasks in the Insadong area and then take a photo of the results. I felt like I was auditioning for the Amazing Race.
The first task was to find the umbrellas in the Insadong marketplace and take a creative picture. The clue read 'think Warhol'. We immediately set off for the Andy Warhol exhibit where there were litterally hundreds of umbrellas hanging from the museum.
In the second task we had to get a picture with the ticket agent at the subway station. Bonus points if he let us come inside the booth. No bonus points...he was kind of grumpy. You'd be grumpy too if you had to work Christmas Eve!
In the third challenge we posed as Christmas lawn ornaments in the hotel front lawn. Do we look like Santa and his reindeer?
Our next challenge was to get a picture with as many Koreans as possible. Seven was our lucky number.
After posing as a nativity set in front of the palace gates, we talked the cashier at the GS25 store into a picture with our favorite candy...Mentos.
With speed and points, we won the challenge. High fives all around!


bealsbestfriend said... pictures

for some reason i pictured you down there teaching LITTLE KIDS haha. i dont know why...

:) have a great new year


bealsbestfriend said...

Hello again!!!

if your wondering about my display name haha i bet you can guess who helped me make my blog! TYLER BEAL!! I dont update my blog AT ALL! but atleast now i can leave you comments.

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How did I know you'd pick a pink background for your blog? Spooky premonition.